Welcome to Único

Único Juice Shop was founded in San Diego, California. In 2013 we transitioned to a plant based diet and it has been one of the best decisions we have made! Our food journey has not only brought more energy and vitality, but also a greater appreciation for natural ingredients in our everyday lives.

We have created Único Juice Shop to motivate our customers to always try to make the best out of life. We want to share our love and passion for a healthy lifestyle with all of you! We strive to serve healthy, nutrient dense, high quality drinks and food. Nourishment that invigorates your mind, soul and body through powerful organic foods. We want you to discover the natural, delicious and healing forces of vegetables, fruits and nuts. Superfoods we provide from all over the world.

The Único menu includes yummy organic cold-pressed juices, power shots, cleanses, made to order superfood smoothies and raw foods. We make our premium juices in-house! Our ultimate goal is to change the perception that healthy eats are boring and flavorless. We apply our heritage, experience, education and travels to create our super-tasty treats for all who need high-quality food to fit into their busy lifestyle.

We believe what you put in your body should nourish you and take you to a better state of well-being. By curating delicious, simple recipes, we bring you a piece of our home and lot of wholesome energy!

Buen Provecho!

We care about every step of the process in creating our wholesome products. Único Juice Shop is proud to have its fruits and vegetables washed with fair trade, organic, and biodegradable soap donated with love from Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps!

Dr. Bronner's