Cleansing FAQ

Are your juices organic?

We strive to use all organic produce in all our products. If there is ever a time where organic produce is unavailable and we are forced to use conventional produce, we will clearly mark these items. We like our customers to have all the information they need about our product to make the best decisions possible. 

How is the Unico cleanse different from other cleanses?

We believe our cleanses to be the best. However, please explore what works best for you. We put a lot of time, effort and tremendous care into all of our products. We clean all of our produce and use the best form of juice extraction known. Our juices are powerful! Drink them – a lot! 

Is there an age requirement or limit to cleanse?

Ages 18 and over please.  

I am taking medication. Can I still cleanse?

Please consult your primary care physician before beginning a cleanse. 

Can I do a cleanse if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is NOT recommended, but when you're done breastfeeding, it's a great way to get back on track and replenish your body with tons of nutrients. 

Can I have a few cocktails or beers when cleansing?

We strictly warn against drinking alcohol before or during your cleanse. If you are a heavy drinker we recommend that you give yourself at least 3-5 days of being alcohol free.

Can I smoke while cleansing?

Smoking is NOT recommended. 

Is it ok to exercise while I am on a cleanse?

Yes, as long as you listen your body. We recommend low-impact activity like walking, swimming, stretching and yoga. Exercise is a great way to help your body with detoxification. 

Can I chew gum?

Chewing gum is not advised. It tends to make people feel hungry. 

Where will I get my protein from while on the cleanse?

There are naturally occurring proteins in leafy greens and nuts. You will get protein from the green juices, as well as from the nut mylks.

Is it ok if I drink kombucha while cleansing?

While kombucha is a great way to add probiotics to your diet, we do not suggest them during the cleanse. However, they are great for before and after.

Will I lose weight from doing the cleanse?

It is possible, but this is not what the Unico cleanses are intended to do. Anything you lose during a cleanse is probably water weight and toxins. Once you begin to integrate foods again, your weight should return to its normal state. This is a great way to begin a shift in your dietary habits if you want to lose weight, but it's not the goal of a cleanse.

How many calories are in your juice cleanses?

We do not count calories at Unico, but somewhere between 800-1300 depending on the cleanse. Fact: 100 calories of French fries is different than 100 calories of broccoli. Not all calories are created equal and the calories in our juices are definitely the cream of the crop.  

Are there enough calories in the cleanse to get me through the day?

The cleanse and all of our juices are packed with mother nature's best form of nutrients. You can always add more juices if you want. Listen to your body to know what's best for you.

Will I be hungry?

Our cleanse is designed to provide you with all the nutrients you will need to get through your day. With this in mind, it is important to begin to recognize the difference between hunger and emptiness. Hunger is a need for nourishment and emptiness is a feeling in your stomach. If you are hungry than eat a few raw veggies or a couple of almonds. Stay hydrated with water!

Does it matter if I don't drink the juices in the specific order?

Yes, we ask that you drink them in our suggested order. If you have cleansed with us several times and want to experiment in your own order feel free to do so. 

What are some detox symptoms I will experience?

Many people experience mild headaches, especially those who consume caffeine. Every cleanse and cleanser is different, but fatigue, dizziness, and bouts of nausea are all normal. If you feel as though your symptoms are unbearable then please contact a medical professional. However, when cleansing, detox symptoms are a good sign and can be eased with a simple herbal tea and deep breathing. Another way to slow down your detox is to have a couple slices of apple or a few pieces of a raw vegetables; carrots or cucumbers.

How should I store my juices?

Your juices need to be refrigerated at all times.